Temporary work with Manpower

Interested in working temporary? Give us a try

Manpower’s role

Manpower is a leader in permanent and temporary personnel placement. Our task is to connect organizations seeking to strengthen their teams with candidates looking for a job.


The first step to working with Manpower is to register with one of our branch offices and/or to create a MyManpower account to apply and manage your applications, interviews and assignments.


Registering with one of our branch offices is free.

Freedom of choice

When offered a permanent or temporary assignment by Manpower, you are free to accept or decline it.

Speculative application

You can send us your application file as a speculative application. We will review your application and invite you to an interview with one of our consultants if your professional background matches a profile that we are looking for. If you receive a negative answer, do not hesitate to apply to an existing offer, as your chances of being successful are greater if you apply to a specific ad posted on our website after creating an account on the MyManpower platform. The stronger your profile, the quicker the application process.

Replying to a job ad

You can also send us your application to a specific job ad. We will review it and contact you for a first interview with one of our consultants if your profile matches our client’s expectations.

Our online job listings are constantly updated. Regularly visit the Search section of our website or subscribe to Job Alert using the MyManpower platform.

First interview

You will only be invited to a meeting with a personnel consultant if your application file matches an open position or if your profile is in high demand among our clients. During the interview, you will fill in a questionnaire to help us identify your professional expectations unless you have already completed the questionnaire on MyManpower.

If your profile matches an open position, your consultant will probably ask you to take assessment tests in order to confirm your skill levels.

Finally, if a client is interested in your application, your consultant will help you get in touch with the company to schedule a job interview.


When you send us your application, in response to an ad or speculatively, we review it in a confidential manner. We ask for your permission to submit your application to companies who have entrusted us with their personnel recruitment.

Manpower is your employer

When you work with one of our clients on a temporary assignment - regardless of the length of the assignment - Manpower remains your contractual employer. It is therefore Manpower who pays your wages and social security benefits.

In addition, for every temporary assignment, Manpower guarantees attractive employment benefits:

  • Holiday pay

  • Public holidays

  • Pension plan

  • Insurance:

    • Loss of earnings due to illness or work-related injury

    • Maternity leave

    • Family allowance

    • Accident insurance

Easy termination of contract

If the company you are working for wants to hire you permanently, Manpower releases you from your obligations within the timeframe stated on your assignment contract. A temporary worker must inform Manpower of this within the time period specified in the applicable legislation. Although an oral agreement is usually enough, it is better to write a letter and avoid any possible dispute.